Frankton pool

As I climed the stairs to the hydro-slide, I was shaking all over with excitement but also with fear…I had not been on a hydro slide in ages. I got to the top and waited in line.when it was my turn I freaked out,I waited… the light turned green I got in . I said to myself “I cant do it. I can .so I got out and let somebody else go.I went to the back of the line and waited,while I was waiting I tried building up my confidence up i kept saying’you can do it, you can, i know you can”

o.i.s writing

O.I.S stands for oamaru intermediate school.O.I.S is located at Pembroke street Oamaru. It is a great school were there are many fun and different activities such as ;tech,modules,kapahaka,sports,choir,art clubs, and camp.

O.I.S is very different to primary school because on the first day instead of knowing where or what class to go to,you have to pile into a big hall and listen carefully while class lists are read out.It is really worrying and scary because you dont know the teachers or if you will be with your friends.But it is worth the wait and worry because you have lots of fun,and I guarantee you will really enjoy yourself.

There are fun and different activities that you can do at ois. Firstly there is tech. Tech is when you go to a different class and learn either how to;cook and sew,how to do art,how to do electronics or how to do hard materials.Tech lasts for 4 weeks,and you also rotate around all the tech classes,but you dont stay with your class you get mixed up with all the other year eights.Tech is all about trying new things and having new experinces.

Modules are also a very fun activity at ois. This is when you go to 3 different classes on a friday and learn 3 different subjects. There are many different subjects such as;moari,french,adventure bassed learning,drama,ict,machine science,music,literacy(etc). All of these activities are fun and i am sure you will enjoy all of them!

Overall o.i.s is a great school with many fun activities and other things to do. And i know for sure that you will enjoy yourself alot so you have no need to be scared!

holiday poem

This is not a boring holiday poem.

This poem is not about having to be on a bus for three hours ,

or about cleaning up cat puke,

nor is it about boring days at home.

This poem is  a having fun poem,

a goings to dads poem,

a river crossing poem.

This is a marshmallow toasting and walking through endless padocks  poem.

This poem wears fat pants and a t-shirt while toasting marshmallows.

This poem wears a singlet and tights in the car.

This poem does scary things it never imagined doing but had fun while doing it.

This poem does stupid things like hiding from its dad at the river.

This is not a boring holiday poem.


hey guys i have been having great fun these holidays with my two little sisters(Nadia,Bridie) and my cousin Katy. me, Bridie,katy and nana went to flip out in timaru it was so fun.flip out is a trampoline arena were there are trampoline walls and everything,we did flips, bounced off the walls and had a blast.then we had macas for lunch(yumm).

I also went to my Dads house in Rakia it was also so fun because we played at the river park,played hide and seek,toasted marshmellows and drove through the river. but we also acedently ran over one of our dogs tess she is still alive though.

so those are the most interesting parts of my holidays so far.

bye bye for now laters!

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persusive writing

Imagine being stuck at home all by yourself staring at screen every weekday for the rest of your school life. Don’t you think that would get extremely annoying? I know I certainly think it would be annoying. That is why c.o.o.l (community of online learning) schools are a very bad idea.


Firstly c.o.o.l schools are TERRIBLE because there is no one to monitor or stop you from ditching class or cheating and that is not helping anybody to learn anything. Don’t you want to get somewhere in life?


Secondly I think it is absolutely disgusting that the government think that C.O.O.Lschools will prevent problems such as kids in countries that don’t have schools or can’t afford to go to school. But it is not really helping anyone because kids are going to be way less active and we already have obese kids in nz. Don’t you think that kids need to be staying fit and healthy? schools already have sports such as triathlons,cross country,swimming sports and athletics these sports all cost nothing!


Thirdly C.O.O.L schools are a bad idea because children can’t socialize and that is one of the most important things of a kids youth because it allows them to make friends. Friends are very special to have because they will always be there for eachother all the time. But if we were to have C.O.O.L schools we wouldn’t be able to bond close relationships!

Overall C.O.O.L schools are bad because children cannot be monitored or supervised which means they could cheat or ditch their online class that is not getting one anywhere or helping anyone learn. Also kids will be nowhere near as fit because you can’t do school sports activities online. And you cant socialize face to face with other children and you cant make friends. Therefore C.O.O.L. schools are TERRIBLE!

My persuasive writing

Dear mum

Your’re always nagging at me to go outside and leave me alone well i have found the perfect solution I strongly believe you should buy me a soccer goal.

Firstly if I had a soccer goal I could teach Nadia and Bridie to score goals. That would get them out of your hair and it would help Bridie because she wants to play soccer next year.

secondly I would like to point out that if I had a soccer goal I would be improving my skills. This would be good because at the moment I am getting teased at soccer practise, but if I was improving I would stop being teased and also Danny my coach would be happy because it would allow me to play positions that require more skill.

Lastly if you were to buy me a soccer goal I would be outside pactiseing and I would be staying fit and healthy that is important because i am growing up and going through puberty I need to be as healthy as I can get. Being fit and healthy also helps me to focus at school and if I am healthy i would be less moody and that is a big bonus for you. Dont you want me to be healthy?

Therefor you absoloutly have to buy me a soccer goal because I would be able to teach Nadia and Bridie how to score goals that would keep them occupied and out of your way and it would help Bridie to play next year. It would also allow me to improve my skills that would stop me being teased and make my coach happy because I would be able to play positions that require more skill. Finally if I had a soccer goal I would be staying fit and healthy and it is very very important for me to be and stay as healthy as I can get. Don’t you want all of these to happen? Well if you do then buy me a soccer goal.


“Ready start” says Mrs Campbell.  The tacolischous snipers AKA lilly,ella,alexa and nikayla begin to quickly jot down answers . As we start to finish we realise its snowing. “YAY” i scream we all try to consentrate but its so hard so we begged her and begged her and she finnaly let us go outside and stand under the veranda  I look up and all i see are small flakes of snow it was beautiful .It felt cold and tasted like pure fresh water it was amazing it didn,t settle though because the ground was wet sad but is was fun while it lasted. I LOVE SNOW!

Amina 2nd blog entry.

The most exciting and interesting part of the book was when Hooyo  had her baby because i thought the baby was gonna die so yeah.

The things that helped the plot the most were food because if they didnt eat food they all would of died especially hooyo because her baby would of died too. And selling Aabes paintings for them to have money to buy food.

yes the novel is beliveale because it makes you feel like your actully in the book and living their life. It really is a great and moving book because it gets you thinking about what it would be like to live like that.

Yes i would recomend this to a friend because it is actully a really enjoyable book to read once you get into it.

It did meet my expectations because it was really interesting and moving .

I most likely would read another book by this authour.